David and I catch you up on where we disappeared to, and I offer some helpful hints on what to talk to David about at parties. 

Moshe Bruce joins me this week to talk all this Gush Etzion. From our small bakery on Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim to the dozens of other things to explore in the Gush, Moshe takes us on a virtual tour. 

This week I travel to Silver Spring to sit with Daphne Lazar Price at her dining room table. We talk out our childhood, our career paths and our sometimes love for 21 Jump Street.

Naomi Nachman, author of the Perfect Flavors cookbook and Adena Mark Kapon of A to Z Events are my guests today. Fueled by a nice amount of coffee, the three of us talk out life as foodies, women entrepreneurship and the myth (at least for us) of the work/life balance.

David and I are back in our newly designed truck for our first episode of season two. We toss out a few updates about our PBM life and our family-life (long gone are the days of the work/life divide!).

One of the thousands of times that Jorge and I sit together and laugh. This time we recorded.  Our look back at the past year in Pat BaMelach Rosh Tzurim.

The Solomon Brothers provide us with original music leading in to our 10th episode. This week the back of the house dream team unites to talk out our past year, our one-year anniversary and my very real fear of barroom brawls. David also coins the phrase “parve yogurt.”

This week we've got a bonus episode! Tova in Israel heads to my part of town and interviews me about bakery life. We stood outside the bakery, on our front porch, and just talked out the past 24 years in under 15 minutes. 

Happily, David makes his third (!) appearance on the podcast. In honor of purchasing our first delivery truck, David and I take it out on a joyride and record this week's podcast on our drive.

Close to two years ago, Jeremy Brody created a music series for our bakery. In this episode we get to look back and reminisce about some of the bands who performed, our pre and post show rituals and our plans to take on the Israeli music scene. 

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